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Question: Is PEIBRAZIL an Immigration Consulting Services Company?

Answer: No. We are not Immigration Consultants or Authorized Paid Representatives. We do not advise you on which program to apply for. We do not complete or update your applications for you. We do not represent you in an immigration application. We do not and cannot guarantee anything in terms of immigration. The only official body that makes decisions on immigration is the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (“IRCC”).


Learn about representatives at:


Will you give me / help me get a job in Canada?

Answer: We do not guarantee employment in Canada. We work with JDI and they give us a list of some positions that cannot find them in the province. We will select a few applicants and will
contact these selected candidates and help them on individual basis


 Will I be accepted for a job because I made the application?

Answer: No. We don’t guarantee that you will be accepted to the job that you applied and we will only contact the selected candidates


Will I be accepted in immigration because I was interviwed?

Answer: No. A career counselling does not guarantee that you will be accepted to immigrate to Canada, the only body that can guarantee this to you is the Canadian Government.


What kind of job do you offer?

Answer: For the selected candidates by JDI we’ll offer •Information and Orientation to Life in Canada •Support Services to access Settlement Supports: Childcare tips; Interpretation and Translation tips;
Transportation tips; •Bank account tips •Car insurance tips• Housing tips• Education tips• Health Care tips• Financial Services tips • Connection to Community Services and Recreation •
Connection to Ethno-cultural and/or Faith-based Associations


How much are the fees? 

We don’t charge any fees from the candidates


Can I have an individual service? 

Answer: Due to the large volume of messages we receive it is very difficult to offer an individual service to all. If we can’t respond to your email, we read all the messages we receive. The feedback we have from our visitors is extremely important for us.



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